COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) --A three-day suspension from school has been upheld for a 10-year-old at Devonshire Elementary, where the prinicpal claims the boy pretended his finger was a gun and pointed it at another student's head.

Fifth-grader Nathan Entingh had said he was "just playing around" but Columbus city schools said students had been warned about pretend gun play numerous times this year.

A district hearing officer upheld the boy's suspension Monday while offering to change the offense to committing a "volatile act."

The boy's grandfather said the ruling would be appealed while the district said the grandfather was not the boy's legal guardian and didn't have the standing to make that decision.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Devonshire officials were in touch with Nathan's family last week after an aide found the words "I'm an assassin" and drawings of a trident, swords and a bow & arrow in his notebook.