By Matt McCoy

Ohio State freshman pitcher Zach Farmer had been feeling ill for some time. OSU doctors thought it was mono. It turned out to be far more serious. The school announced Thursday that Farmer was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. 

Ohio State baseball coach Greg Beals released this video to announce the news. 

"We are fortunate here at The Ohio State University to have the James Cancer Hospital and some of the best leukemia and oncology doctors in the world," Beals said in the video. "Zach is in very good hands...He is good spirits and in the company of family, friends and teammates. Zach is strong and otherwise healthy and is a great candidate to beat this diagnosis. An aggressive treatment regiment will start Monday."

Moments after Beals video was announced, word of Farmer's illness began to spread. His Twitter timeline (@zfarm34) was flooded with well wishes from fellow students, friends, athletes and coaches. 

"We ask that the strength of Buckeye Nation be behind Zach and his family throughout the treatment process," Beals said.

Message received coach. Get well Zach. Our prayers are with you.


Robbed Again

Reds first baseman Joey Votto has seen enough of Milwaukee outfielder Carlos Gomez. Last season, Gomez made a dramatic, game saving catch in the bottom of the 9th inning, taking a home run away from Votto.

It was not as dramatic but on Thursday night, Gomez did it to Votto again, reaching over the wall to take Votto's bid for a first inning home run away. In a combination of disgust and respect, Votto waved his arms at Gomez after the catch. 

Check out both grabs here, starting with the Thursday night grab.