COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- A company that provides credit-card services and loyalty programs says it is expanding operations in Columbus and expects to add 700 new jobs near Easton.

Alliance Data Retail Services announced it will expand to a multi-building campus on a 40-acres near their current building. The project's groundbreaking is slated for November, and it is expected to be finished in 2018.

"When we moved into this building in 2007 we were 600 strong and by the time we finish our new property we will have 2,200 full-time associates domiciled on our campus," said Melissa Miller, the company's president.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the new jobs will generate a payroll of about $52.5 million and $1.3 million will go to the city in income tax revenue.

"700 jobs on this campus will be a big boost to our economy," he said.

Gov. John Kasich joined Coleman and other local leaders at the announcement. He said that while the mayor is a Democrat and he's a Republican this is proof that when partisanship is put aside things get done.

Kasich also touted Ohio as a much better place to do business than other states like New York.

"Go live in New York, ok. Your bathroom is in your living room and you're paying a couple thousand dollars a month, ok. You've got it all here," he said.

The company employs more than 3,100 people in central Ohio.