COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--An analyst for the petroleum industry says the refinery maintenance season is in its prime and will be for several weeks.

Because of that, Patrick DeHaan at says motorists could see additional volatility at the pump.

"There tend to be glitches and issues restarting these plants, and the progressive switchover to various blends of gasoline complicates matters further. Then, as refineries get back online, the volatility will ebb, and prices will slow their climb- but all of that light at the end of the tunnel remains several weeks away," DeHaan said.

Columbus-area gas prices are averaging around $3.60 a gallon, according to  That's 1.3 cents more than a week ago.

AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report shows the statewide average at $3.58, about a penny lower than last Monday.