WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTVN) -- There's been another delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act.

An online health insurance marketplace for small businesses is being put off until November 2014 to make sure the healthcare.gov website gets fixed first.

According to an internal administration document obtained by the Associated Press, employers who want to buy marketplace plans for their workers now will need to go through an agent, broker or insurance company. The administration says the plan will allow small businesses to buy coverage, without slowing technical repairs to the hobbled federal site.

The marketplace was supposed to provide small businesses a new way to shop for coverage.

The delay will apply to those in the three-dozen states, including Ohio, where the federal government is running the marketplace.

"It just creates more uncertainty for these small business owners and makes it all the more difficult for them to make good decisions for their company and most important for their employees," said Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who heads the state's insurance department.

Taylor says these delays are making the situation even more chaotic and complicated than it already is. She's urging small businesses to work with a broker or directly with an insurance company to help them through the process.

Under the law, most small businesses do not have to provide coverage. But firms with 50 or more employees face a mandate to offer insurance or risk fines from the government.