CINCINNATI, Ohio (WTVN) -- Gay marriage cases from Ohio and three other states go before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati Wednesday.

At issue is whether or not the state should be forced to recognize same-sex marriages from other states where gay marriage is legal. Ohio defines marriage as "one man and one woman." That definition was inserted into the state constitution in 2004 when 62 percent of voters approved it.

"People's rights should not be put up to a vote on the ballot," said Mike Premo with Why Marriage Matters Ohio.

He believes having the courts decide the issue is appropriate since they'll address it from a legal standpoint. In 30 of the cases where courts have decided the issue, gay marriage supporters have prevailed in every case. When voters decide the issue the score is 31-3.

"We need to have the people decide this issue," said Phil Burress with Citizens for Community Values. He led the 2004 campaign for the constitutional amendment.

Premo believes it's just a matter of time before gay marriage is allowed in Ohio and he says support for the issue is already in the majority in the state.

"We are going to win marriage equality in Ohio. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when," said Premo.

Burress believes this is a state's rights issue and points out that state's currently aren't forced to accept licenses from other states.

"I have a concealed carry license, but it's no good in Kentucky, Tennessee and Michigan," he said.

He says gay marriage supporters can only win the issue by going through the courts.

He worries that if the court opens the door to gay marriage other things like polygamy will soon follow. Burris says it's not that they're anti-gay, it's that they're pro-marriage.

"The term marriage means one man and one woman. It's not what we're against, it's what we're for," he said.