COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- There are about a half-million Ohioans who have a suspended drivers license for something other than driving offenses. Many of them face hundreds of dollars in re-instatement fees and have given up trying to drive legally.

"Look, we're keeping good people who aren't dangerous drivers from either driving or their going to drive and pick up additional suspensions," said Mike Rankin, the state's registrar and director of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Beginning July 15 the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will offer reinstatement fee installment plans to those who qualify. Individuals whose driver’s license have been suspended, but have met all of their reinstatement requirements, with the exception of paying the reinstatement fees, may apply. The plan will allow eligible drivers to renew, become valid, or permitted to retest for their driver’s license.

"The key here is that it also ensures people get insured because you can't get into the program unless you provide proof of insurance," he said.

In order to qualify for an installment plan, individuals must owe at least $150 in fees and pay a minimum payment of at least $50 every 30 days.

"A lot of the people that we're looking at here probably haven't had a license in a long time and have given up," said Tim Fisher, the BMV's administrator of suspensions and licensing.

You can apply online, at any deputy registrar, regional reinstatement office, or through the mail. Don't think that you can just make one payment and then forget about it.

"If you pay $50 and you just revert right back to 'I'm not going to make a payment' we're going to cancel your plan and you'll go back under suspension or whatever your status was prior to the enrollment," Fisher said.