COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- An expected vote in the Ohio House to add additional school calamity days has been delayed.

There are two bills: one in the House that adds four days and one in the Senate adding three.

"Members of the House and Senate wanted additional time to review both pieces of legislation and talk with local officials to see what might best fit their needs," said Ohio House Republicans spokesman Mike Dittoe.

There are also concerns about spending taxpayer money on things like heating buildings and the salaries of staff members who didn't have to show up for work. Plus, there's the issue of extra days that students aren't in the classroom getting an education.

"Obviously we want to make sure all students across the state of Ohio in more than 600 school districts are well educated and are getting the proper education equally all across the state," Dittoe said.

The Buckeye Association of School Administrators surveyed 399 of the state's 614 school districts and found the average number of calamity days used was nine as of last Friday. Districts are only given five each year. Additional days missed have to be made up. Schools could opt to be in session on days that had been reserved for in-service training, during spring break, or at the end of the school year.

Dittoe expects a vote on some type of calamity days bill next week.