COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Ohio State University Police have issued a public safety notice for students after at least two home invasion-type robberies in the campus area in the past three weeks.

The latest occurred Wednesday, when police went to the 100 block of W. Maynard Ave. where a woman said she was awakened by two men pointing guns at her. They tied her up and put her in the basement.

The suspects are described as a Latino male, 25-30 yrs old, 6’0” to 6’2”, 220 lbs and a black male, 6’1” 195

On August 19, just before 10 a.m., Columbus Police responded to a caller who advised he and his roommate were victims of a home invasion robbery at 35 W. Oakland Ave.

The male OSU students say two men with knives forced their way into their home when the answered a knock on the door.

The suspects in that robbery are described as a white male, 20-25 yrs old, 6’-6’1, 150 lbs., clean shaven with short blond hair, and a black male 20-25, 6’-6’1, 150 lbs.

Campus police are reminding everyone in the university community to be vigilant about securing their homes, and should always lock all doors and windows and immediately report any suspicious activity to police.

You can contact University Police at (614) 292-2121, Columbus Police at (614) 645-4545.

You may also report information anonymously to the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at (614) 461-TIPS or the University Crime Stoppers Tips line at (614) 247-TIPS.