COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Casino revenues in Ohio were essentially flat last month at $70.18 million. That's only about $73,000 more than the four casinos made in October.

Horseshoe Cleveland continues to lead the state, posting a profit of $20.2 million last month. That's the highest profit since March and third straight month to see an increase.

It's sister casino in Cincinnati isn't just on the opposite end of the state, but the opposite end of the revenue scale as well. Horseshoe Cincinnati's $17.5 million is about $600,000 less than last month. It's also the lowest monthly revenue the casino has posted since it opened.

Hollywood Columbus also saw revenues of $17.5 million in November, about $200,000 less than the month before. Hollywood Toledo posted a $14.8 million profit in November, a slight increase from the $14.6 million in October.

Statewide, the casinos have a profit of $758.1 million for the year.

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)