SANDUSKY, Ohio (WTVN) -- How bad does Ohio want LeBron James to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers? Cedar Point says they'll rename one of their 17 roller coasters after him if he returns.

"It'll be the King James Coaster," said park spokesman Bryan Edwards.

The coaster to be renamed hasn't been selected.

"If he makes that decision to come back to the Cavs we'll meet here internally or if he wants to call us, we'll pick up the phone and we'll have a discussion with him and he absolutely have input as to which coaster that's going to be," Edwards said.

Cedar Point made the pitch on Twitter. The tweet was re-tweeted nearly 8,000 times within a couple of hours.

James, who left the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in 2010, is now a free-agent and many believe he's considering a return. Despite a lot of hateful backlash after his televised decision on ESPN, many Cavs fans, like Edwards, say they'd welcome James back.

"I'd be willing to forgive and forget," said Edwards.

Edwards believes that James would be the only sports star to have a roller coaster named after him, should he decide to return to Cleveland. He's hoping Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert makes the offer part of the package to try and woo James back.

"You never know what might push the needle in our favor," he said.

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)