COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has ordered veterans and fraternal groups to stop operating electronic raffle machines that he describes as illegal slot games.

"Ohio law treats them as slot machines and Ohio law is very clear that there's only certain places that the legislature has allowed slot machines to be in existance," he said.

DeWine initially ordered the devices be removed by August, but agreed to delay enforcing the ban because lawmakers said they were considering legalizing the machines.

"We're reaching the point now where the legislature has not taken any action, but we still hope they will," he said.

A letter has been sent to the veterans and fraternal groups. It came hours after veterans hoping to continue with the games rallied at the Statehouse. They say the machines have raised $5.4 million for charity since 2011.

"I'm faced with a law that says pretty clearly that what they're doing is illegal and we have no choice but frankly to enforce it," DeWine said.

At least 670 of the machines are used around Ohio.