COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The state's third most populous county could be left with just one abortion clinic after the Ohio Department of Health ordered a Sharonville clinic to close. The issue is a lack of transfer agreement with a local hospital. Those agreements for patients that have complications during the abortion process are now required by law.

Four clinics were closed in Ohio last year and Ohio Right To Life president Mike Gonidakis says this is the first of many they hope to see shut down this year.

"You can't close a facility just because, they have to be closed only for health and standard safety violations and that's what's happening across the state of Ohio," Gonidakis said.

He claims that it's not the first time that Dr. Martin Haskill has run into these issues.

"They have a history of operating unsafe and it's a direct threat to women's health and their child's health and finally the state said enough is enough," Gonidakis said.

Kellie Copeland, director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio sees it much differently. She says the transfer agreement standard is not about health, but politics and blames Gov. John Kasich and pro-life lawmakers.

"They've been unable, after 41 years, to make abortion illegal, so they've just decided they'll make it inaccessible which for women without means will be the same thing," she said.

Copeland says federal law mandates that a hospital treat a patient no matter why they are brought in. She points out that just because an abortion clinic has a transfer agreement with a hospital doesn't ensure that's where a patient might be taken. Copeland also claims the complication rate for abortions in Ohio last year was 0.0018 percent.

"They are moving to close a clinic not because of any health concerns, not because of any sort of complications, but because of paperwork."

An attorney for the clinic says they'll appeal the decision and will seek a stay from a local court to remain in operation.

"Women's Med Center has provided quality medical care to its patients since ODH licensed the center in 2010 even though it did not have a transfer agreement. We are disappointed that after allowing the center to operate without a transfer agreement for over three years, ODH has now refused to renew the center's license," said Jennifer Branch, attorney for the facility.