COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Of the 106 fire deaths Ohio saw last year, 90 percent did not have a working smoke detector.

"There's just no doubt that the early warning that alarms give you give you the minutes you need to get out," State Fire Marshal Larry Flowers said.

Firefighters still find that smoke alarms are often not present or working in homes. While last year marked the lowest number of fire deaths in 26 years, data still showed that in an overwhelming majority of incidents where there was a fatality, there was no evidence of a working smoke alarm.

Flowers suggests you install a smoke detector on every level of your home and inside each sleeping area. Also, develop an escape plan with two ways out and make sure every family member knows what to do and where to meet outside if the fire alarm sounds.

"One of the reasons that we haven't had a fire death in schools for 100 years is because we've had an aggressive fire drill program," Flowers said.

He thinks it's a good idea to test smoke alarms monthly, vacuum out dust annually, and never "borrow" a smoke detector battery for something else. Smoke detectors usually only have a 10 year life span before needing to be replaced.

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