COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman delivered his 15th State of the City Address Wednesday night, outlining several new initiatives targetting schools, homelessness, unemployment, neighborhoods and more.  They include:

·        Early Start Columbus, a $5 million city investment in quality preschool education.

·        FastPath, a $1.5 million city investment in career readiness, led by Columbus State Community College.

·        Blueprint Columbus, $2.5 billion, 30-year green infrastructure project aimed at creating jobs, training workers, strengthening neighborhoods and protecting the environment.

·        A $1.1 million city investment in the Community Shelter Board to address homelessness.

·        Housing Works, an effort to create access to workforce housing in and around job centers, including Downtown.

·        An expansion of Restoration Academy to serve 50 rehabilitated felons per year.

"We have transformed from a great American city to one of America’s greatest cities," Coleman says, but "for all the prosperity in Columbus, not everybody is sharing in it. We will not truly fulfill our promise as a city, until we share our success with all our residents."