COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- The comments of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling have gotten some social media hate directed at the wrong Clippers team.

"We actually did get a little bit of outcry after that did happen," said Josh Samuels who handles the social media accounts for the Columbus Clippers minor league baseball team.

Some of the tweets were profanity-laced, but none have been too nasty. However, there have been enough that the team posted a tweet to remind people that they aren't the NBA franchise. It's actually a tweet that has to be sent a few times during the NBA season.

"Even though we do that tongue-in-cheek reminder, we do actually get complaints about Chris Paul and what Doc Rivers is doing substitution-wise and things like that," Samuels said.

The Triple-A affiliate for the Cleveland Indians hasn't had to do too much work to clear up the confusion.

"A lot of people have actually done our bidding for us where they correct people," Samuels said.

He says after an initial spike, the comments have died down as people realize the mistake.

"This whole time I thought the owner of the Columbus Clippers made racist comments instead of the LA Clippers," tweeted @A_Ragh.

Some NBA fans in Columbus have tried to lobby the league to move the basketball team to Columbus.

Ken Schnacke, chairman of the baseball team, says the L.A. Clippers and Columbus Clippers are the only two professional sports franchises to share that nickname. Columbus actually used it first.