COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- As the temperatures heat up, so do tempers around Ohio.

"Participating in an act of violence is making an choice and we're saying this summer make a different choice," said Mayor Michael Coleman.

He believes the Summer Safety Initiative is working in helping prevent violence, but he says police cannot do it all by themselves. He's hoping the community gets more involved this year.

"When a crime occurs, frankly a lot of people know who's done it or they know somebody who knows somebody and too often they're not talking."

Coleman says they'll protect anyone who comes forward with information and they shouldn't be fearful about talking with police.

This year, all city pools, spray parks, and rec centers are open again after some had been victims of budget cuts.

"There should never be an excuse 'my children don't have enough to do.' There's plenty," Coleman said.

Extra officers will be pulled into high-crime areas in an effort to curb criminal activity. Coleman says they're constantly changing their tactics because the criminals are always change their game plans.