COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Police are launching an enforcement blitz on jaywalking in downtown Columbus. The effort is aimed at cutting down on crashes involving pedestrians. 

"So far the pedestrians that have been hit this year, it's all been the pedestrian's fault,"said Columbus Police Lt. Brent Mull.

Officers will be in cruisers, on bike, and on foot around the downtown area to enforce the city's jaywalking laws. 

So far this year, two people have been killed in a pedestrian-involved crash. Five died last year in the downtown area.

Mull says COTA drivers have also been instructed to remind passengers about the enforcement blitz.

"This isn't a numbers-based type of thing, this is an awareness and we want folks to be aware their safety is up to them," he said.

Officers plan to hand out safety pamphlets to pedestrians downtown and will issue citations to violators. Those citations come with a fine of up to $100 and repeat offenders could actually face jail time.

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)