COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --Former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray didn't have quite the same luck Wednesday night that he did 27 years ago when he appeared on "Jeopardy".  Corday, now the head of the federal Consumer financial Protection Bureau, finished second in the "Battle of the Decades: 1980's" show.

Cordray describes his appearing on the game show as both "exciting" and "intimidating".

After Cordray won more than $45,000 as a five-time champion on the show in 1987. he used his winnings to buy a used car, paid his father back some of the money he borrowed for law school and took a trip to northern California with a friend who helped him study for the show.

He says he initially balked at a friend's suggestion to try out for the show, but after landing a job as a clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court, Cordray auditioned and was asked to appear on the show.

(Photo courtesy Sony Pictures)