COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- What was supposed to be an eviction led to the evacuation of several homes on the northeast side of Columbus after deputies found explosives.

Our news partners at ABC 6 report authorities were forced to neutralize highly explosive flash powder and possibly-explosive devices found inside the home at 917 Carolyn Ave. Deputies found the material after arresting Mark Kulis, the man who lived there.

Kulis was served with eviction papers after he left the home. That's because neighbors told deputies they believed he could react violently. He was found with a loaded handgun.

Inside the home, the Franklin County Bomb Squad found flash powder and at least five potentially explosive devices. One was attached to the oven.

There were papers plastered to the house and a tree in the front yard claiming Kulis was a sovereign citizen and didn't have to abide by government rules. Investigators have not confirmed that those notes were written by Kulis.

Police evacuated a small area around the home as they removed and detonated the explosives.

Kulis was taken to a mental facility. Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said they contacted federal authorities who could label Kulis a domestic terrorist.

(Photo courtesy ABC6)