CLEVELAND, Ohio (WTVN) -- Despite claims by Gov. John Kasich that he's not eyeing the White House in 2016, one of his opponents for governor wants him to put it in writing.

"I think Ohioans deserve to have someone running for governor that's actually interested in the job," said Democrat Ed FitzGerald.

He's asking Kasich and Libertarian Charlie Earl to sign a pledge that they'll serve out the full four-year term as governor if elected in November.

Earl has also signed, but Kasich has not.

"He is running a behind-the-scenes campaign for president and I think it is fair for Ohioans insist that he at least agree to serve out his full term," FitzGerald said.

Republicans fired back, putting out a pledge of their own for FitzGerald to sign saying he would stay on as Cuyahoga County Executive until all the issues there are fixed.

"FitzGerald’s a guy who, over the course of just a few years, has run about seven different political campaigns for 5 different positions and lost almost half of those races. FitzGerald left Lakewood after less than one term as Mayor and as soon as he became County Executive started plotting his run for governor," said Ohio Republican Party spokesman Chris Schrimpf.

FitzGerald says he was asked by several people to become county executive after a major corruption scandal in the now-eliminated county commissioner's office.

No one with the Kasich camp has indicated whether or not he ever plans on signing the pledge.