COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- A southwest Ohio lawmaker wants to make sure you can't get a ticket for flashing your headlights to warn other motorists about police officers enforcing the speed limit.

"The law isn't clear about whether it is legal or illegal," said State Rep. John Becker, a Republican from Clermont County.

Ohio Revised Code does spell out different exemptions for flashing your headlights at other drivers, but warning about police officers isn't one of them. He believes that makes it "arguably illegal."

There have been citations for obstruction of justice issued, but they are rare. It has come up in Ohio courts before and Becker wants to see lawmakers, not judges, make the final call.

"If they want to flash their lights because of some type of danger whether that be police radar, a deer in the highway, an accident or whatever, they'll be able to do that without fear of being charged with some kind of criminal offense," he said.

Becker says warning others on the road should be encouraged.

Mike Weinman with the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police says they aren't planning to lobby against the bill, noting that most citations for flashing your lights are normally tossed anyway. He says the whole point of speed enforcement is to get people to slow down and if this helps meet that goal then they don't have an issue with it.

However, Weinman says there are concerns. He says many times people involved in road rage incidents will flash their lights and police would no longer be able to stop those people just for that offense. It could also blind other motorists on the road at night.

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