COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio's flu season is well underway.

"We've gone to what we call 'widespread activity' meaning that we do see influenza across the state and we're seeing a lot of influenza," said Mary DiOrio, the state's epidemiologist with the Ohio Dept. of Health.

The number of hospitalizations and emergency room visits for the flu has increased since the first of the year. That's typical for flu season. The most common strain of the flu showing up in Ohio is the H1N1. The good news is that it is included in this year's flu vaccine. DiOrio says it's still not to late to get your vaccine.

"We will see flu viruses circulate for several months in Ohio and people don't know when they're going to be exposed to the viruses so we would definitely recommend that if an individual hasn't been vaccinated to go seek a vaccination right now," she said.

Once we hit the peak, DiOrio says it will be several weeks before the number of cases begin to decline.

There have been adult deaths from the flu in Ohio, though the Ohio Department of Health does not track them. ODH does keep track of children who die from the flu, but there have been none in Ohio.

"We are seeing increases in cases among the middle age population and so those individuals can also get severely affected by flu and need to get their flu vaccination if they haven't," she said.

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