COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Gas prices continue to fall in Ohio with the state average now $3.05 per gallon, according to

"It probably won't stick around long term, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy it while it's here," said the website's senior petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan. He credits the lower prices to a very competitive marketplace in the Great Lakes region.

Prices have dropped in Ohio much quicker than the rest of the nation. States that saw the largest declines last week were Montana, Ohio, and Indiana, all where prices declined at least 15 cents per gallon.

"Look at Columbus here in the last week, prices down 20 cents a gallon. The national average is only down a nickel," DeHaan said.

About 15 percent of the nation's gas stations are now under the $3 mark. It was just 1 percent a year ago.

Several stations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which features the cheapest gas in the U.S., are selling at a mere $2.45. Prices nationally could drop to as little as $3.05 a gallon by Christmas, according to DeHaan.

"Prices may flare up a little bit after the new year, but I don't expect the next significant run-up in prices until next spring," he said.

Despite that, DeHaan says it's still likely that we'll see the 20 - 40 cent jumps from time to time. He says that's just a restoration of margin for gas stations which some times decide to lose money to compete for the lowest prices. puts the cheapest gas in Ohio in the Toledo area with some of the most expensive prices being in northeastern Ohio.

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