CINCINNATI, Ohio (WTVN) -- General Electric has announced that it will locate a "shared services" facility in the Cincinnati area. It will be one of five around the world and the only one in the United States.

The facility, when completed in 2017, will employ at least 1,400 people and manage services like human resources and information technology for the company.

"It kind of electrifies the entire state from the standpoint of 'wow, GE, five global operations centers and one of them in Ohio?' I mean, that's just a heck of a statement," said Gov. John Kasich who called the announcement the largest, in terms of jobs, in a decade in Ohio.

GE's Joe Allen said that geography had a lot to do with picking southwest Ohio. The company has operations in Evendale, Cleveland, and Louisville, Kentucky, so locating in Cincinnati makes sense.

"We have about 16,000 employees from GE in the state," said Allen, noting that's the highest number of any state in America.

Kasich called the jobs "white collar," but projected salaries were not revealed. Also not set it stone, where exactly in southwest Ohio the new facility will be located.

Allen indicated that a few hundred jobs will be added soon in a temporary facility in downtown Cincinnati, but the final operations center won't be complete until 2017.

"When we're fully staffed and ready to go a few years from now we could be as many as 2,000 employees," he said.

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