CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WTVN)--The General Electric plant in Circleville will be adding 50 jobs by the start of 2014. The company announced increasing workfirces at three midwest plants on Thursday, which includes 70 more workers at their plant in Bucyrus, and another 30 at a facility in Illinois.

The company says it's working to meet the consumer demand of high-efficiency light bulbs. Circleville's plant currently employs just over 200 people, making flourescent tubes and compact flourescent bulbs.

Steve Killion, Plant Manager for the Circleville factory, says they're looking to bring in local workers to fill out their ranks. "We get a lot of friends and families of co-workers who talk with their family members and try to get them on board," Killion said.

He's well-aware of the increasing popularity and demand for their products, saying, "We're very optimistic of the future, and we're very proud that we have a realy good product that has really really strong customer demand."

GE worked out a deal with Wal-Mart to help carry and sell the light bulbs. The investment adds up to about $30-million.