GRANVILLE, Ohio (WTVN) -- A newly discovered ordinance in Granville legalizes medicinal marijuana, but pot enthusiasts shouldn't get their hopes too high.

"The Ohio Constitution only allows cities to adopt laws that are not in conflict with the state laws," said Granville Law Director Michael King.

State law only allows controlled substances, which includes marijuana, to be used with a "lawful prescription."

"You cannot have a lawful prescription for marijuana in the State of Ohio," King said.

The Granville ordinance, passed in 1996, allows people to possess marijuana with a simple written note from a doctor. Village leaders didn't realize the law was on the books until a freelance reporter found it.

King said he doesn't remember anyone ever using the ordinance as a defense for getting caught with pot and adds that if they did it wouldn't work. He expects council will probably want to clarify the issue, but even if they don't it won't change the fact that possession of marijuana is illegal in Ohio.

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)