ADELPHI, Ohio (WTVN) --Tellers inside the Kingston National Bank branch in Adelphi feared the worst when they saw a group of men get out of their cars and start pulling guns out of the vehicles.

The employees initiated emergency procedures, locked the bank down and called the Ross County Sheriff's Office.

After a few minutes, the men outside the bank got back in their cars and left, but bank workers got a good description of the vehicles, along with their tag numbers.

Ross County deputies pulled over one of the cars near Hallsville, while a Hocking County deputy stopped the other on State Route 180.

After talking with the men, investigators discovered the four men had arranged online to meet in Adelphi to buy the guns from each other.

According to Ross County Sheriff George Lavender Jr. , one of the men is a former deputy who left the department several years ago.

While no arrests were made, Lavender says he will present the case to the county prosecutor for a possible charge of inciting panic.

"What more stupid a thing could you do than set right there in a picture window, loading and unloading a gun?", Lavender said.