COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio wasn't as happy in 2013 as it was in 2012, according to a survey from Gallup.

The Buckeye State ranked 46th among the 50 states, down from 44th a year earlier.

All of Ohio's neighbors dropped too, with the lone exception of Indiana. The Hoosier State went from 42nd in 2012 to 40th last year.

Pennsylvania took the biggest drop among neighboring states going from 29th to 36th. Michigan dropped one spot to 37th last year. Kentucky was 49th and West Virginia was 50th, both unchanged from 2012.

Hawaii normally gets the top spot, but it fell to 8th in 2013. North Dakota takes the top spot followed by South Dakota. Jobs appear to be the biggest reason and there are plenty to be had thanks to the oil industry. Nebraska, Minnesota, and Montana round out the top 5. Only Minnesota was in the top 5 a year ago.

Gallup conducted more than 178,000 interviews with American adults throughout the year in 2013.