HILLIARD, Ohio (WTVN) --A lip-synching parody of a lip-synching video has given some young men from Hilliard a taste of what it's like to have an Internet hit.

Twin brothers Ben and Josh Goldfarb are riding in their mini-van, singing "Love is An Open Door" from the hit movie "Frozen", while their mom sits in the far back seat, apparently oblivious to what's going on.

It's a take-off on an equally-famous video of a man and woman singing the song with their young daughter in the back seat.

The Goldfarb's video, which started out on Facebook, has racked up 145,000 hits on YouTube just since Sunday.  

Ben says they listened to the tune no more than  two or three times, then started the cameras rolling.  They got a the footage they wanted after about 8 takes.

Both Josh and Ben are graduates of Ohio State. Josh has a degree in communications, Ben has one in psychology but they're both talking about a follow-up to their hit video.

Despite the popularity of their work, Josh says they'll really know they've made it when they're out at a bar or restaurant and somebody says, "Hey, you're the guys from the 'Frozen' video!"

(Photo courtesy Ben and Josh Goldfarb)