COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Ohio's attorney general is warning consumers about spring home improvement scams.

Attorney General Mike DeWine says warmer weather brings more door-to-door home improvement sales. He says consumers should be cautious and research the reputation of a business and individual contractor before agreeing to anything.

"The highest number of complaints and inquiries coming into the BBB are all home improvement related," said the Better Business Bureau's Joan Coughlin.

She suggests checking out companies with the BBB and Ohio Attorney General's office before spending large sums of money with them. She says you should ask contractors for references from past customers and check with those customers to see if they were satisfied.

Consumers have a three-day right to cancel most door-to-door sales and businesses must give written notice of that right.

Coughlin says you should always get everything in writing and review any contracts before agreeing to pay. She also suggests you pay only a third of the estimated cost up front, a third after at least half of the work has been completed and then the final third after the job is done.

The Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section has filed five home improvement lawsuits so far this year against contractors believed to be violating the state's consumer sales practices act.

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