UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio (WTVN) -- The final report on an October 18th crash that killed six family members and seriously hurt an Upper Arlington Police officer finds the officer was not at fault. It doesn't answer the question of why a Toyota Corolla, with the family inside, ran a red light and then stopped in the intersection of Fishinger Road and Riverside Drive.

"When he lets it roll again, that's about when Officer Paynter has to make a decision," said Columbus Police Sgt. Brooke Wilson, who did the investigation. "Is that car proceeding through the intersection? Is that car going to continue westbound? If it's going to go westbound the only thing the officer can do is go east, which is what the officer does."

The crash killed Eid Badi Shahad, 39, his wife Entisar W. Hameed, 31, and their four daughters, Shuaa Badi, 16, Amna Badi, 14, Ekbal Badi, 12 and Lina Badi, 2. 

Upper Arlington Officer Shawn Paynter suffered a head injury. He's back on the street with the police department again. Chief Brian Quinn says his physical wounds have healed, but the mental wounds have not.

"He struggles with it and my guess is he'll continue to struggle with it, my guess is, the rest of his career, the rest of his life."

Paynter was responding to an armed robbery at a McDonald's on Henderson Road. Wilson says the speed of the cruiser at the time of impact was between 45 and 49 mph.

"His peak speed was 86 mph, however he was able to shed considerable speed before impact," he said.

The report found that Paynter's reaction time was "remarkable." Wilson said he honestly didn't believe it at first, but noted that the data doesn't lie.

"From the headlight being visible to him to the time he lifted his foot from the accelerator was .033 seconds."

Video from Paynter's cruiser shows he had a yellow light as he approached the intersection. He also had his lights and siren on at the time of the crash. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien has decided not to file any charges against the officer. Quinn says now that they have the final report they'll review it for any possible department policy changes.

The Badi family, refugees from Iraq who moved to Columbus in 2009, was returning home from a celebration of the Eid al-Adha holiday at a friend's house when they were killed. Only one of the family members was wearing a seat belt. Five other children were not with the rest of the family at the time.

Police are still searching for the man who robbed that McDonald's. If he's caught, he could face additional charges related to the crash.