COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Investigators from the State Fire Marshal's Office continue to dig through what's left of the Emmitt House in Waverly after it was destroyed by fire Monday night.

Unofficial damage estimates are between $1.5 million to $2 million, according to Michael Duchesne, a spokesman for the State Fire Marshal's Office.

"We haven't been able to rule anything in or out at this point," Duchesne said.

Investigators want to talk with anyone who may have photos or video taken inside or outside the building around the time of the fire. People were inside dining and gathering to watch the BCS championship game in the bar area when the fire started. Most of the cases the fire marshal investigates are at rural homes with very few witnesses.

"This case is kind of unique because there were so many patrons in the building at the time. We're hoping that by chance somebody may have been taking some pictures or shot some video that would help us piece this together," he said.

Duchesne says they've already talked with some witnesses and they are reviewing video from nearby buildings to look for any clues.

"We don't want anybody to read anything into the fact that we're asking for information. It's standard operating proceedure for any of our investigations," he said.

Waverly city leaders are hopeful that something fills that key spot in their community.

"Not sure what the future will hold for that site, but hopefully something will come back in its place in the next few years. I would hope," said Mayor Greg Kempton.

The building, which was built in 1861, was originally a hotel. It had been turned into a restaurant and had recently re-opened. It had gained notoriety for supposedly being haunted, and has been featured on national TV shows in recent years.