COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- One vote really does make a difference.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says they found 35 races around the state and eight local issues were decided by one vote or through a tie-breaker.

"Everybody should know that their one vote can change the course of events in their community," said Husted.

Husted says just one person could have made the difference in deciding whether local taxes would go up and whether someone else would have served in important local offices, including township trustee, city or village council and school board.

"There was actually a tie race for mayor in which the tie was broken by drawing the high card. There are cases where ties are broken by a coin being tossed," he said.

Close elections are more typical in low-turnout elections. It's the first time the Secretary of State's office has reviewed elections to see how many close races there were.

"The important thing for me was to let people know who may becoming discouraged about the political process to say 'hey look, your vote does matter.'"