COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--A unique piece of Columbus history is up for sale, as items from the former Kahiki restaurant are released for auction. has over 100 artifacts from the restaurant on East Broad Street, near Whitehall, which have been sitting in a warehouse since the restaurant closed in 2000. For decades, the restaurant was a destination for fine dining and entertainment, with its polynesian decor, unique menu items, and unmistakeable building design. Kahiki exists now as a retail frozen asian food product company.

Kevin Burchett, manager of the auction website, says a business partner kept getting questions about some if the artifacts, like the large monkey-head fountain that would greet visitors once they came in the door. "The wooden items, the actual hand-carved items, are a little bit more special because they're not simply cast and poured as the monkey head fountain", Burchett said.

Those wooden items include miniature ships from the Nautical room, and various wooden "tiki gods". Burchett points out another rare item from the Nautical Room, the signal from an old ship. Burchett says, "The Captain would order two knots faster, and they would click it just like in the 'ching-ching', and it would send a signal downstairs through chains and through bells, and it would tell the Engineer how fast to go."

Burchett also expects a rare compass from the Nautical room to go for over one-thousand dollars.

Some furniture and unique glassware are also up for auction, like "head hunter" cocktail tumblers, "zombie mugs", and peacock chairs.

The auction is underway, and ends Tuesday, November 19th. Burchett says the interest has been unprecedented, with hundreds of people registering to bid since the items went up for sale.

Bidding is at