COLUMBUS, OHIO (WTVN) - Gov. John Kasich is stressing the need to cut Ohioans' taxes while maintaining that money does not buy happiness.

The first-term Republican made the comments Thursday in wide-ranging remarks at the Ohio Newspaper Association's convention in Columbus.

Kasich, who is up for re-election in November, said that reducing taxes was not just "some campaign deal."

"Tax cuts produce jobs. Do you understand that?," Kasich said.

He said any tax cuts had to be a balance of achieving economic growth and ensuring the state has what it needs to function.

"50 percent of the jobs created in America were in Texas. What's their income tax? Don't have one. Florida. What's their income tax, either the state or local communities? Guess what, they don't have one. Are they growing? Yes they're growing," said Kasich.

The Governor emphasized that he didn't see anything wrong with accumulating wealth, but he said he firmly opposes materialism.

He also talked about his education plan and feeling that schools need to be more flexible for students. He wants to see more focus on schools teaching students about occupations so they understand not just what they're learning, but why they're learning it.

"If he wants to go or she wants to go work at an auto body shop to learn math kind of backwards, you know what I mean by that? 'I don't like math but I'm at the auto body shop and all of the sudden I understand the purpose of math.' We're not going to lose them," he said.

Kasich says the results he's seeing so far from the Third Grade Reading Guarantee seem to be overall pretty positive. He dismissed the notion that it's a way to target the performance of teachers.

"I mean if you're absolutely not imparting education that's a problem. But look, the fact that all of your kids aren't reading, you might have a lot of poor kids that never got read to. We're not out here to put a thumb on you. We just want to get it fixed," he said.

Kasich also told the industry group that he is writing another book. The former Fox News commentator says he would eventually like to return to the media.