COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Kroger says it will no longer offer double coupons at more than 120 stores in the Columbus division which stretches from Toledo to Portsmouth. Instead, the grocery chain says they'll lower prices on items on the shelves.

"What we're finding is that a lot of our customers now don't have time to clip coupons," said Kroger spokesperson Jackie Siekmann.

The change goes into place on May 1, but the price cuts begin next week.

Kroger gave examples of price reductions on Roma tomatoes going from $1.29 per pound to .99 cents and a 15 pound bag of Pedigree dog food dropping from $19.59 to $12.99.

"75 percent of our customers do not use paper manufacturer coupons at all and 2 percent of our customers are what we would categorize as heavy coupon users," Siekmann said.

86 percent of its Columbus division customers aren’t using double coupons at all. 

Digital coupons are growing in popularity. Siekmann said the company just passed 1 billion digital coupon downloads.

"It took us three years to hit 500,000 digital coupon downloads and we got that additional 500,000 in just one year," she said.

The stores will continue to accept manufacturer coupons, valid printables and electronic coupons at face value.

The Columbus division is the 8th in the company to make the move. Stores in the Cincinnati area made the change a year ago.