CLEVELAND, Ohio (WTVN) -- He was the man behind the Superman license plate, now State Rep. Bill Patmon, a Cleveland Democrat, wants to honor another super individual born in the Buckeye State. 

Patmon is introducing legislation to create a “LeBron James Witness 2.0” license plate.

Patmon says all he needs is 500 signatures to make the LeBron James plate a reality, and hopes to see them on vehicles this fall, just in time for the basketball season. 

"I am optimistic that the plate will be around for people to order," he said.

Proceeds from the plate would benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation. 

Patmon says after honoring a fictional character, it's fitting to pay homage to a real life superstar. 

He points out that James did take the Cleveland Cavaliers to the finals before he left for Miami, and now he's back to help his hometown. He thinks Ohioans should show their appreciation.