A central Ohio funeral services provider has joined a small but growing list of companies that broadcast funerals online for mourners who can't attend. 

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service is offering live web streaming and archived online video for use by military personnel who can't return for a loved one's funeral.

"We've had a dream for a number of years to be able to let people participate in the celebration of life's services who can't physically be there," president Michael Schoedinger (pictured) said. 

"When the war started overseas, a number of soldiers were unable to come home for a funeral, because the relative wasn't close enough --according to military protocol -- to meet the requirements to come home.  We just really wanted a way to put the funeral on the internet so a foldier in Iraq could watch, say, their aunt's funeral."

Other funeral directors say better technology and cheaper equipment have prompted more funeral homes to offer webcasting and videotaping services nationwide. 

The Associated Press contibuted to this report.