COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- A 24 inch water main broke under 4th Street near the intersection of Gay Street right in the middle of Monday afternoon rush hour.

"It's creating a lot of water," said Columbus Public Utilities spokesman George Zonders.

As a result of the break, N. Fourth Street is closed between E. Broad and E. Long Street and E. Gay Street is closed between N. Third Street and N. High Street. Because of extreme temperatures resulting in ice-covered streets, it is unknown at this point how long the closures will remain in place.

Water service is expected to be restored by noon Tuesday; however, as a precautionary measure, once the water is restored, those who are on North Fourth Street between Chapel and Long are advised to boil all water used for cooking and drinking for one minute until further notice.

There's no word on a possible cause for the break. Zonders says they won't know that until they actually get in and take a look at the water main.

The city has about 60 water leaks in the system citywide right now. Zonders says that's high for this time of year.

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Water service to Grant Medical Center was disrupted for approximately four hours as a result of the water main break. The hospital cancelled a small number of elective surgeries and placed the emergency department on diversion for a few hours as a result of the break. Patient care, otherwise, was not impacted. The emergency department has resumed normal operations.

The break also impacting several state offices downtown. The Public Utilities of Ohio will be closed. Only essential personnel in executive branch state agencies based in the Riffe Center, the Rhodes Tower, the Department of Education building and the Department of Health building should report to work Tuesday.

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(Photo courtesy John Palmer)