CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WTVN) -- A man has admitted to more than three-dozen church break-ins in Ross County since October.

Detectives with the Ross County Sheriff's Office say Cash Yoakem, 26, became a suspect in the church break-ins after being arrested for a break-in at a Laurelville car wash a week ago.

"Mr. Yoakem took investigators to multiple locations, totaling 41 breaking and enterings that he had committed in Ross County. This includes 25 locations that were churches," said Ross County Sheriff George Lavender.

Chillicothe Police have been investigating another 20 church break-ins. Yoakem is believed to be connected to all of them.

"He said it was easy money," said Detective Joe Addy. Addy says that Yoakem was using the money to feed a drug habit.

Yoakem has not formally been charged with the crimes and Lavender expects additional charges soon.

"Investigators are still following up on leads and there are other suspects that will likely face charges out of this," he said.

Yoakem's name came to the attention of investigators through a tip. Lavender said those tips are vital to solving crimes like this.

"It's really hard some times to say who's breaking into things if they keep quiet about it. It's when they start doing it and drinking with their buddies and talking about it that we usually get that feedback that helps us resolve these cases," he said.

Investigators are working with pawn shops and cash advance businesses to try and recover some of the stolen property which includes televisions and audio equipment.

Yoakem is being held at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail in Nelsonville.