COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Columbus' new $268 million capital budget takes aim at rebuilding aging rec centers, an historic level of street resurfacing, and ridding neighborhoods of blighted houses.

"The highest, most significant investment in resurfacing and repaving in the history of our city will take place this year," said Mayor Michael Coleman.

Columbus plans to spend $33 million to resurface about 300 lane-miles of streets and alleys. Another $500,000 is being added to purchase six new snow plow trucks.

The plan also addresses the needs of parks and recreation in Columbus. The Glenwood Rec Center in west Columbus will be replaced after standing for more than 100 years. The city will spend $6 million on the project.

The Alum Creek Trail will be finished, allowing people to bike from Delaware to Pickaway County.

A while ago, Coleman announced a goal of tearing down 900 blighted houses by 2016. So far, 300 have fallen to the wrecking ball and another 300 will be torn down by the end of 2014.

Also in the capital budget is $6 million in fire apparatus, $5 million to replace the fire station at 150 E. Fulton Ave., $2.8 million for street and snow equipment, and $4.2 million for street lighting.

City council has to approve the budget, which they are expected to do soon. They've also added more than $7 million in amendments.