COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Columbus made its pitch to host the Democratic National Convention in 2016. Mayor Michael Coleman believes the city's pitch went well, but says even if they lose out it has put Columbus in a better position.

"I want our city to be thinking more nationally and globally so getting involved in these kinds of competitions, I think, is important. Whether we win or lose this, we're now in the game," he said.

Coleman said they pitched Ohio's importance in the presidential election and how Columbus has the ability to sway the state. He also pointed out that the candidates in 2012 visited Columbus more than any other city, except New York City, during the campaign.

Columbus is competing against Cleveland, Birmingham, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Coleman also talked about a letter from City Auditor Hugh Dorrian warning that the city's spending was outpacing revenue.

"The truth is the city does not have a deficit, we will not have a deficit. We're in really good shape," he said.

He says Dorrian's memo was just a warning and head's up.

"He's always good at warning and always trying to be vigilant about 'hey just be careful here. Just keep watching your dollars and cents' which is what we do," Coleman said.

The city had a $44 million surplus at the beginning of the year.