COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- State Senator Dave Burke has proposed a package of changes to the state's Medicaid system. Among the changes would be creation of an oversight body to keep growth in the program in check.

The 10-member joint legislative panel is part of a package of changes unveiled on Thursday.

"This bi-bicameral, bi-partisan standing committee will oversee the performance of the Medicaid system and achievement of goals both in this legislation and into the future," Burke said.

The Marysville Republican's legislation did not include an expansion of Medicaid under the federal health care law, which Gov. John Kasich has pushed for.

Burke proposes holding Medicaid growth to 3 percent per member, per month. The legislation doesn't dictate how that target would be met.

Burke said the targets and his new oversight model would insulate Medicaid from politics and protect its long-term sustainability.

State Sen. Capri Cafaro, a Hubbard Democrat, opted against co-sponsoring the measure. She said she believes true reform must include expanding the program.

“My decision to not join Senator Burke as a dual sponsor is not an indication that I am not committed to Medicaid reform. It is also not an indication that there is acrimony between myself and Senator Burke. Simply put, our different styles have led us to introduce different bills towards similar goals.”

(The Associated Press contributed to this story)