COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Deputies found additional suspicious devices Thursday while searching a home on the northeast side of Columbus where five homemade bombs were discovered earlier.

Investigators have spent two days searching the Carolyn Avenue home of Mark Kulis after first discovering explosive materials while attempting to complete an eviction on Thursday morning.

Deputies arrested Kulis on a gun violation while serving him with an eviction notice during a traffic stop that preceded the search of his home. Investigators decided to wait until Kulis left the house to serve the notice because of concerns that he would react violently.

Authorities have since charged Kulis with carrying a concealed weapon and manufacturing explosive materials. A judge set his bail amount at $710,000 on Thursday morning.

Investigators neutralized five homemade bombs inside the home on Wednesday, including a booby-trapped device found in a stove. The number of devices discovered during Thursday's search has not been released.

Deputies also found written anti-government ramblings inside Kulis's home, along with declarations of sovereignty. Investigators' search of the home continued Thursday afternoon with the aid of a bomb-sniffing dog.

(Photo courtesy ABC 6)