COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)-- For the second time this year, highways across Central Ohio will see higher speed limits.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says beginning Sunday, several non-interstate highways in rural areas will have increased limits, and motorists can legally go that fast when the signs are posted.

The most notable change is on U-S 33 in Union County, where the speed goes tp 70-miles-an-hour. In Delaware County, U-S 23 will be 60-miles-an-hour from the City of Delaware to the Delaware-Marion County line.

South of Columbus, U-S 23 through Pickaway will go from 55 to 60 miles an hour, with the exception of the village of South Bloomfield.

In Fayette County, U-S for the entire stretch of the county goes up to 70, and U-S 40 in Madison County is 60-miles an hour, with the exception of West Jefferson.

Click here for a map of the new speed limits in central Ohio.