PICKERINGTON, Ohio (WTVN) -- A multi-million dollar synthetic drug warehouse has been busted in Fairfield County.

"I have never seen anything quite like this," said Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen.

He says inside they found cases of cans used to conceal drugs. The cans appear to be things like Coca-Cola to Campbell's Soup.

"Upon further examination you'll see that they come apart and drugs are concealed inside these compartments," Phalen said.

The facility is in the 7700 block of Busey Road in Violet Township. Phalen says it's a major operation full of legal and illegal synthetic drugs.

"I think this was probably a major distribution center not only in the state of Ohio but the United States," he said.

Detectives from the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office, Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Task Force, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification, and Ohio State Board of Pharmacy have been looking into the operation for the past two months.

Five people were in the facility when agents arrived, but so far only one has been formally charged. Phalen says they'll have to determine how far they'll take the investigation.

"Are we going to just center on the distribution center or are we going to look beyond that? I think it's too early to kind of come to that conclusion," he said.