COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Central Ohio's mumps outbreak is now up to 103 cases, including 81 from Ohio State University.

"Last week we were experiencing growth of about maybe 5 a day. Now we're seeing over 10 a day," said Columbus Public Health spokesman Jose Rodriguez.

The Ohio State cases also include cases in Fairfield, Hamilton, Licking, and Union County.

Four of the cases have been hospitalized.

"Some of the people affected by the disease are having some complications and that is not good news," Rodriguez said.

Those complications include swollen testicles, which can lead to sterility among young men, and some people have experienced hearing loss.

Delaware County is investigating 7 suspected cases, but none have been confirmed as the mumps yet. They include suspected cases at Olentangy and Liberty High Schools and one case at Scioto Ridge Elementary.

Mumps is spread by droplets of saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose or throat of an infected person, usually when the person coughs, sneezes or talks. Items used by an infected person, such as cups or soft drink cans, can also be contaminated with the virus, which may spread to others if those items are shared.

Symptoms include fever, body aches, headaches and swelling of the salivary glands under the ears or jaw.  

One thing that complicates the disease is that about a third of those who get it show no symptoms.