COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- There are about 120,000 Ohioans with a commercial drivers license that are in danger of losing it unless they meet new federal requirements.

"CDL holders in every state must tell their home BMV what kind of travel do they do," said the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles' Tim Fisher.

There are four categories: non-excepted interstate, excepted interstate, non-excepted intrastate, and excepted intrastate. Those in the first category must also get a medical examiner's certificate.

The Ohio BMV has sent out four letters to those who haven't complied and Fisher says another will go out in October.

"120,000 is a lot of people and we certainly don't want, come January, for you to lose your CDL privileges," Fisher said.

Fisher says you can do the self-certification online, at the BMV, or through the mail.

For more information visit or call the Ohio BMV at (614) 752-7600.

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