COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) --The Ohio Department of Education has lowered the ratings of 20 Columbus City Schools on the 2011, 2012, and 2013 report cards to reflect test scores for students who were wrongly excluded from the calculations by district number crunchers.

While there was no change in the district’s overall rating of Continuous Improvement on their 2011 and 2012 report cards, State Superintendent Richard Ross says, “Actions that mislead the public about the performance of our education system are unacceptable and do a disservice to kids.”

Of the 117 buildings in the Columbus City School District, 18 buildings experienced a rating reduction on their 2011 report card.  

In 2012, two Columbus school buildings experienced a rating reduction and two received an increase. 

In 2013, there were no overall ratings on report cards as the state transitioned to a new grading system.

“The Columbus City School District, under the leadership of Superintendent Dan Good, has taken aggressive steps to improve their data reporting policies and procedures,” Ross added. “Their accurate reporting of data this year indicates that they are making an effort to restore public trust.”

You can check individual school district's report cards here.